Unicorn now available on NuGet

Unicorn, a library I wrote to handle automatically serializing Sitecore content items into a source control system, is now available on NuGet.

Be sure to review the post-installation steps in the GitHub README file - if used incorrectly, Unicorn can be dangerous to your items.

In other news, I began a major refactoring of Unicorn this weekend that will bring it a ton of new features mainly in the form of extensibility. Don't want it to delete orphaned items? Custom comparison to determine updating? Implement your own Evaluator. Want to serialize to SQL? Use a custom serialization format that ignores versions? Sweet - make a SerializationProvider. Want to filter serialization based on anything you can imagine (like the rules engine? an Excel spreadsheet? presence of a version in a specific language?)? That's where a Predicate comes in.

At the moment "Unicorn 2.0" is not yet fully stable. I plan to add a few more things to it such as detecting duplicate item IDs during processing and possibly a "what-if" mode. I'll be working on it time permitting :)